The Martha’s Vineyard SkyLink Project

The Martha’s Vineyard SkyLink Project

The project management simulation

Are you launching a new project? Are you introducing a ‘project culture’ into your organization? Do you want to get your new project off to a great start? Do you have have a project team who have never worked together before?

If you answered yes to any of these questions then this is the simulation for you.

The Martha’s Vineyard SkyLink Project simulation is designed to give people in your organization the experience of being part of a project from beginning to end. This simulation runs in ‘real time’, and will take approximately half a day. You also have the option to shorten the simulation or run it as a whole day activity.

How the simulation works:

In order to win a lucrative building contract the project teams are required to build a model with only the materials supplied while demonstrating best-practice Project Management. To be successful the teams must complete the task within the given constraints and also demonstrate that they can work as an effective project team. Points will be awarded, and deducted, for both the task activities and the project management activities.

The simulation starts with a short slide presentation (supplied) explaining the generic Project Life Cycle used in the simulation and the objective of the exercise. Teams will then be given the initial Project Request followed by the Project Terms of Reference, Business Requirements Specification, Project Requirements Specification, Project Control Guidelines and the Project Life Cycle – Quick Reference.

Throughout the simulation the teams may be required to perform a project risk analysis, identify key project roles and responsibilities, identify key project deliverables and develop a deliverables flow diagram. The number of activities will depend upon how much ‘learning’ the facilitator wants to include in the simulation and how much time is available.

The teams will also be required to have ‘team meetings’ at key project milestones where they will review their progress and identify what actions are required during the next steps of the project for the team to improve their performance. This is where much of the reflection and learning takes place.

The teams will eventually design, build and test a model bridge to span a 33 inch gap. The rollout step of the project provides a lot of fun as part of the criteria set by the customer is to build a strong bridge – the bridges must be tested to destruction.

The final steps of the project, which are also the final steps of the simulation, are the Close and Review steps. The teams will review their performance and will identify the key lessons learned and what they will be taking with them back to the work place.

The simulation comes complete with all the material required for three teams. We recommend 4-5 people per team. The Trainers Guide leads the facilitator through every step of the process with suggestions for optional activities.

The Martha’s Vinyard SkyLink Project simulation will:


  • facilitate management and staff understanding and buy-in of a ‘project culture’
  • support staff awareness of project management
  • introduce a proven framework for project management
  • demonstrate the need for careful planning
  • define the key factors of successful project management
  • help recognize and handle difficult situations
  • help avoid the problems and pitfalls of project management
  • recognize the importance of celebrating success

How to fit this exercise into your training program:

This simulation can stand on its own as a half-day or full-day training event focussing on project management and how it relates to your organization. It can also form part of a full team or management development program.

Development Areas Covered:

  • project planning and control
  • project management
  • effective teamworking
  • problem solving in teams
  • effective meeting skills
  • management and leadership skills
  • effective team communication

Trainer’s Guide:

Each simulation purchased comes complete with a Trainer’s Guide describing how the simulation works, what to expect and variations for play.

Who will benefit from this workshop:

All managers, supervisors, staff, clients and end-users who are required to have a knowledge of working in a project.

This is an ideal activity for a project launch.

Duration of simulation: 4 – 8 hours

Number of participants: teams of 4-5


Martha’s Vineyard SkyLink Project – $900.00 + freight and delivery + tax

Replenishment kit for 3 teams is available at a cost of $170.00 + freight and delivery + taxes

All costs are in Canadian dollars.

Follow-up support:

It is important to us that you are successful using our games and simulations in your training and development programs. We would welcome the opportunity to speak with you either before or after using our games to ensure that you obtain the maximum benefits from the exercise. Please call us on +1 416.925.9144.

Additional support:

Would you like additional support when you run this simulation for the first time or are you using it for a large group and need additional resources? We would be happy to facilitate this game for you. Please call us on +1 416.925.9144 to discuss your requirements.