Interpret II

Interpret II

Advanced team communication skills


Interpret II is a lively, challenging team exercise which explores advanced team communication, the management of information and the planning and implementation of a strategy.

Participation must be 100% from every team member if they are to be successful.

Interpret II is an exercise in advanced team communication designed to illustrate how individuals draw on past experience and knowledge from their experience during the original Interpret exercise.

This advanced version of the exercise provides a much greater level of challenge requiring more detailed descriptions and more accurate discrimination between the symbols.

Interpret II is an ideal exercise to highlight the importance of effective communication, problem-solving, organization and leadership within a team environment.

Why do we have two versions of Interpret ?


When you run Interpret at the beginning of a workshop and Interpret II at the end of the same workshop, or at another time in the future, the delegates will be faced with the same process but with a different and more complex set of information to interpret and communicate. It is an excellent indicator of how well they have taken on board the lessons of effective communication.

Interpret and Interpret II can be used independently of each other.

Interpret II participants will increase their awareness of:

Interpret II

  • Communication of a common meaning through effective questioning and active listening to ensure understanding
  • The management of information flow between individuals and the entire team
  • The relevance of effective planning
  • Problem solving skills including the evaluation of possible courses of action and the need for rehearsal of processes before they ‘go live’
  • Understanding of team organization and effective group management.
  • The effectiveness of process reviews in team activity
  • Individual needs and input within a pressured team environment
  • Working under time pressure

This game develops:


Communication and Teamworking

  • Establishing a common language and meaning within groups and teams
  • Active questioning and listening skills
  • The sorting, structuring and retention of unfamiliar information

Problem Solving and Task Planning

  • Working under time pressures
  • Effective planning

Leadership and Team Management

  • Recognizing and managing the contribution of individuals within a team
  • Developing awareness of individual needs
  • Team decision-making
  • The control and implementation of plans

Trainer’s Guide:

Each game purchased comes complete with a Trainer’s Guide describing how the game works, what to expect and game variations.

Who will benefit from this workshop:

Everyone in your organization who is required to communicate clearly and without ambiguity

Duration of exercise: 90 minutes

Number of participants: 6 – 18

Cost:  $480 + freight and delivery + tax  (All costs are in Canadian dollars.)

Save money when you purchase Interpret and Interpret II at the same time. When bought together the cost of the two products is $800 + freight and delivery + tax. A savings of $160.


Follow-up support:

It is important to us that you are successful using our games in your training and development programs. We would welcome the opportunity to speak with you either before or after using our games to ensure that you obtain the maximum benefits from the exercise.