Personal and team awareness

Dimensions is a card exercise that no trainer, manager, coach, consultant or HR professional should be without. It is the most versatile activity that we produce.

It has been used for personal awareness, the development of individuals, icebreakers and energisers, identifying the desired attributes of a project manager or project team, identifying an individuals or teams strengths and weaknesses, exploring the characteristics of a manager or leader, team and group development, giving and receiving feedback, recruitment and selection, strategic planning, project fine-tuning, goal setting, the development of organizational vision statements and much, much more.

The simplicity, portability and versatility of Dimensions makes it an ideal resource for keeping in your briefcase or car.

The cards and facilitator guide are plastic laminated for durability and can be used many times without showing any signs of wear.

How to fit this exercise into your training program:

Several ways of using the Dimensions cards are detailed in the facilitators guide included with the activity.

One of the more popular ways of using Dimensions in a training or development environment is:

Explain to the participants that they are going to explore the dimensions of a successful manager (it could be a team member, team, project manager, etc.). Give each of them several cards. Ask them if the cards represent the characteristics or personality traits associated with a successful manager. It is unlikely that they will be completely satisfied with all of their cards. Tell them that they are free to swap their cards with the other participants. Once they are reasonably satisfied form the participants into small groups and ask them to select only the top five cards from their group. On a flipchart have the groups list the five dimensions of a successful manager. This forms an excellent start for further exploration and discussion.

This exercise can stand on its own as a short development event, however, it usually forms part of a longer training or development session. It can also as part of a full development program.

Development areas covered with this game:

The usefullness and versatility of this activity in a training or development environment is limited only by the imagination and experience of the facilitator.

Trainer’s Guide:

Each game purchased comes complete with a Trainer’s Guide describing how the game works, what to expect and game variations.

Who will benefit from this activity:

Staff at all levels

Duration of exercise: normally 30 – 90 minutes

Number of participants: 3 – 20


Interpret – $160 + freight and delivery + tax

Costs are in Canadian dollars.

Follow-up support:

It is important to us that you are successful using our games in your training and development programs. We would welcome the opportunity to speak with you either before or after using our games to ensure that you obtain the maximum benefits from the exercise. Please call us on +1 416.925.9144.

Additional support:

Would you like additional support when you run this game for the first time or are you using it for a large group and need additional resources? We would be happy to facilitate this game for you. Please call us on +1 416.925.9144 to discuss your requirements.