The organizational change simulation

This is a fun and exciting way to introduce the issues associated with organizational change to your company. Organizations who understand and can handle the complexity of change will be better positioned to take advantage of business opportunities.

Chanj is an intensive and highly participative simulation which will provide your people with a unique learning experience.

Participants work in teams through three major phases of an organizational change program: Planning, Mobilizing and Execution. Mini-workshops can be added to enhance understanding of specific problem areas. The change programs designed by the teams will be tested against the rigours of real life scenarios.

This simulation provides managers and their people with the opportunity of exploring the many aspects of change in order to gain a better understanding of the critical elements for success.

The Chanj simulation will:

  • facilitate management understanding and buy-in
  • support staff awareness and commitment
  • introduce a proven framework for organizational change
  • demonstrate the need for careful planning and mobilization
  • define the key factors of successful change
  • identify the constraints and barriers to change and explore ways of overcoming them
  • help recognize and handle difficult situations
  • help avoid the problems and pitfalls
  • recognize the importance of celebrating success

How to fit this exercise into your training program:

This simulation can stand on its own as a half-day or full-day training event or can form part of a longer program focussing on organizational change.

Some of the topics addressed in Chanj:

developing a compelling vision  •  establishing critical success factors  •  a robust change framework  •  involving the senior HR team  •  developing an effective communications system  •  stakeholder identification  •  stakeholder analysis  •  appointing a change champion  •  gaining the active and public support of all Board Members  •  team presentation skills  •  benchmarking networks  •  business case development  •  the constraints to change  •  acknowledging the ‘old’  •  tools and techniques for handling resistance to change  •  strong sensitive leadership  •  project management skills  •  identifying a project sponsor  •  developing effective problem solving techniques

Development areas covered with this simulation:

  • managing organizational change
  • management and leadership skills
  • the organizational, cultural and political dimensions of change
  • the emotions of change
  • handling resistance to change
  • key actions for a successful organizational change
  • tools and techniques for managing change
  • problem solving in groups
  • effective group communication skills
  • teamworking

Trainer’s Guide:

Each simulation purchased comes complete with a Trainer’s Guide describing how the simulation works, what to expect and several variations.

Who will benefit from this workshop:

All managers, supervisors and staff who are involved in change programs.

Duration of exercise: 3 – 8 hours

Number of participants: 6 – 16


Chanj – $1250 + freight and delivery + tax

All costs are in Canadian dollars.

Follow-up support:

It is important to us that you are successful using our games and simulations in your training and development programs. We would welcome the opportunity to speak with you either before or after using our games to ensure that you obtain the maximum benefits from the exercise. Please call us on +1 416.925.9144.

Additional support:

Would you like additional support when you run this simulation for the first time or are you using it for a large group and need additional resources? We would be happy to facilitate this game for you. Please call us on +1 416.925.9144 to discuss your requirements.