What People Say About Us

A few of the comments made by our clients on training programs, workshops and facilitated events:

“Many thanks to Bob Bissett [of Mentoric] for a creative and mind-bending workshop today! It left us with lots to think about.”
[Commenting about Leadout for Teambuilding] “A very good team building exercise, lots of fun and learning, especially valuable for newly formed team. I have done this twice with different teams at different time now, and both times managed to gain key learnings and lots of fun. I will definitely do it again, especially working with Bob as the facilitator.”
“On behalf of the Applications and Web Services Branch I want to thank you for an excellent session yesterday. I have had a number of staff come to me to let me know how much fun they had while learning valuable lessons. The format worked beautifully for the team.”
“I would recommend Bob and his company for others who are looking for an experienced, personable and professional facilitator.”
“Thanks again for your valuable and professional contribution to our Division Day. We enjoyed your style of presenting, the interaction and your positive energy. We have received great feedback on the day…”
[What do you think of the team building activities?] “Well structured and well executed. Spy City was very well done.”
“I would like to express my appreciation of the way you helped us become masters of our own destinies, and for the skillful way you led us through the issues. I know every one of our team felt that this was a very worthwhile investment of time and money. I am sure we are all much stronger as a result.”
“Loved the exercise where the team had to place the 36 cards into a grid [Interpret and Interpret II]. It was good to see Bob again. He’s very good at this sort of thing.”
“A pivotal reason behind the success of the meeting was the outstanding facilitator, Bob Bissett. The teams were introduced to new concepts and ways of working, and Bob’s wit and experience drove the whole event along, all the time injecting confidence, interest and purpose. The activities and team games that were played out had been specially tailored to match the needs of the group, and all hit the mark with interesting and convincing learning points.”
[What do you still remember best?] “I particularly enjoyed the Spy Game.” “The selection of the facilitator [Bob Bissett] and the learning activities.”